Professional Membership Program

The Professional Membership Program

The Professional Membership Program — launched in early 2019 — is specifically for mental health providers who treat women during pregnancy and first year postpartum.

What is the purpose of the Program? 

This program has two important goals:  

(1) to ensure that women and families seeking help can quickly and easily find mental health providers with expertise in treating postpartum depression and related perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) and

(2) to ensure that these mental health providers have the latest information about maternal mental health issues, are able to connect with other perinatal professionals, and have tools for patient education and recovery.  

What are the benefits associated with the program?

Individuals who join the professional membership program will receive the following benefits:

  • Information: A quarterly electronic newsletter for mental health clinicians addressing emerging issues in maternal mental health, including the latest educational opportunities, research, and clinical practices.
  • Networking: Connections to other professionals in the field of maternal mental health through conferences, coalitions, and collaborations.
  • Materials: A resource toolkit for client education, including 20 of each item included in this packet (“prescription pads,” door hangers, Information Cardsm Predictors & Risk Factors, Path to Wellness).

In addition, providers who have training, education, or extensive work experience in maternal mental health will be listed on PSVa’s website as Experienced Providers.

What are the criteria for being listed as an Experienced Provider on PSVa’s website?

At PSVa, we take very seriously our responsibility to ensure that those seeking help from providers listed on PSVa’s website will find individuals with expertise in addressing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.  Thus we require that professional members have training, education, or extensive client work in maternal mental health in order to be listed as Experienced Providers on PSVa’s website.  Examples of requisite training or experience include one or more of the following:

  • Postpartum Support International’s 2-day training, online course, or conference.
  • Advanced or “master class” trainings from PSVa or other organization, such as the Bloom Foundation, Postpartum Stress Center, or Seleni Institute.
  • Related post-graduate work or research.
  • Counseling residency supervised by an experienced provider.
  • Several years of client work in the area of maternal mental health.

How do I join?

Joining the Professional Membership Program includes the following steps:

  1. Application:  Complete the Professional Membership Program Application Form HERE
  2. Payment:  Pay the $95 annual fee HERE

Why is there an annual fee?

The annual fee offsets costs associated with the program, which includes providing the resource toolkit, updating PSVa’s website, keeping members’ contact information updated, and hiring a staff member to manage and grow the program. 

Who is the primary point of contact for the program?

Lydia Anderson (email) is the Professional Membership Program Coordinator. Lydia is a PMAD survivor, PSVa support group graduate, a small business owner, and PSVa’s Woodbridge Coordinator.

What other work is PSVa doing?

PSVa’s primary focus is providing FREE support for women and families via phone, email, text, and 23 peer support groups throughout Virginia.  In addition, we provide outreach and education, including convening six regional maternal mental health coalitions; providing education and training sessions for maternal-child healthcare providers, mental health providers, and volunteers; and advocating for maternal mental health issues with elected and government officials.

How can I volunteer, get more involved with PSVa or provide pro bono services to a mother?

Contact JaLyn Tiffany, PSVA’s Operations Director or 703.829.7152.

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