Shelane’s Run

Listen to radio clips about Shelane’s Run.

Clip 1: Joanne and Sarah Bryant, Shelane’s mom and sister

Clip 2: Adrienne Griffen, PSVa Founder


Shelane’s Run

Shelane’s Run is the only road race in Virginia raising awareness about postpartum depression and other maternal mental health issues. Funding provides hope and help for new mothers experiencing postpartum depression.

The 3rd annual Shelane’s Run was a huge success with almost 500 participants (despite the rainy and overcast conditions).

Shelane’s family has decided to take a pause this year (2019) with Shelane’s Run. 

“It was a very painful and difficult decision but one we felt was in the best interest of our family.  All families have those times when they have to take a step back, make an assessment and take care of each other and it seems this is our year.

Our intention is to catch our breath, recruit some key players, regroup and give it a go in 2020.  Postpartum Support VA has agreed to continue to be our non-profit sponsor and to support a perpetual endowment in Shelane’s name which will fund small grants to Moms and families suffering from Postpartum Depression related issues.

We want you to know you have made a difference.  In the past three years you have helped raise over $75,000!  In part, you have funded:

– 3 full and 14 partial scholarships to train health care providers
– 9 grants to mothers in need of therapy sessions, doula support, emergency psychiatric and self-care appointments, transportation to support groups and childcare services to enable mothers to attend treatment
– 1 grant for a night nurse, and much more!

In addition to financial support, and probably even more importantly, you have helped us spread awareness of this crippling maternal mental health condition.  You have honored our struggling Moms by recognizing and validating their pain.  Our most gratifying moments have come from Moms themselves who have come forward to share their own grief and stories after hearing Shelane’s story and sought help.  Our goal is being met, one Mom at a time.  We ask that you continue to encourage each other to talk about it and bring this out of the darkness.  Look for those signs and help reassure them that this condition is real, temporary and above all treatable.

You can still continue to support our Moms in need by making a donation in Shelane’s memory using the link below.  Continue to follow to read about the latest news and advancements in Postpartum Depression and the progress we’re making in VA.

Our family would like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued love and support.  We want to send out a special thanks to our Fairfax County Police family who have been with us from the beginning of this journey.  We also want to thank our non-profit sponsor Postpartum Support VA and our Shelane’s Run volunteers and planning group for their endless hours of dedication and support.  No doubt, Shelane is looking down on us all, with wine glass in hand, “well done, you all!”

All the best to your families.  Hope to see you in 2020!

Forever grateful,
Shelane’s Family & Friends”



Running to raise awareness about postpartum depression.





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